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Captain Kujo In Egypt: Work and Play
March 15, 2011

Captain Kujo, as you might know, is a world-traveling adventurer. In his recent trip to Egypt he documented in detail his observations from a country still in the midst of political unrest. Captain Kujo says that despite what people may think, the Egyptian Military has the country under control and Egypt is ready for tourists to return and enjoy what he describes as warm, friendly people and beautiful surroundings. Just to reassure everyone he's all right and the country is moving on in the wake of stories of more conflict, he sent us this photo essay:

Here's your conflict 60,000 seat Soccer Stadium and no game

This guy had the best form

Heard there was trouble too, so I hooked up with some locals and got myself armed with a club and a camel whip

When I got there looked like these guys had it under control

So I picked up some "Syrian Bread"

And had lunch... ,joined in some chanting

before going to "work"

So the short take is things are ok here...It's Egypt!!!! AND IT'S OPEN FOR BUSINESS!


source: CaptainKujo photos: CaptainKujo

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