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Top Ten World Record Fish
December 4, 2010

So as an angler you think you've got what it takes to land your name in the books, huh? Well, before you take to the lake, river or sea for that world's record, you might want to take a look at this list of the top ten sports fish and the largest caught of each species with a rod and reel. It will give you an idea of what you have to aim for the next time you're out there.


The current sport-caught World Record King Salmon is 97.25 pounds (44 kg) and was caught in May 1985 by Les Anderson in the Kenai River, Alaska.


The current world-record, a 1496-pound bluefin tuna, was caught in 1979 off the coast of Nova Scotia , Canada Ken Frasier.


The biggest Sturgeon on record was a White Sturgeon that weighed 468 pounds (212.28 kg) caught in 1983 by Joey Pallotta in Benicia, California.


Two Swedish fishermen, Hans Olav Nilsson and Bosse Carlsson, broke the world record for the largest halibut caught with a rod and reel with a 462-pound halibut in a boat that's just a little larger than the fish itself.


Paul Roberts from the UK caught the world's biggest carp, at 94lb, while fishing at Le Graviers, near Dijon in France in 2010.


Not so funny story: In 2006, a Carlsbad, CA, man thought he had caught a world's record bass, weighing in at 25 pounds. Problem was that the fish had been foul-hooked on a gill, so the catch was disqualified from the record books. That means the record still goes to both George W. Perry and Manabu Kurita, who each caught 22 lb 4 ouncers.


The biggest rainbow trout ever caught was this whopper that weighed in at 48 pounds (21.77 kg) reeled in 2009 by Sean Konrad in Lake Diefenbaker, Canada.


Marlin are some of the biggest sport fish out there, the granddaddy of them all was a gigantic Atlantic Blue breaking the scales at 1402 lbs 2 oz (636 kg) caught by Paulo Amorim off the coast of Vitoria, Brazil in 1992.


The record-holder for the largest tarpin is Max Domecq for his 286 pound 9 ouncer (129.98 kg) caught in Rubane, Guinea-Bissau in 2003.


The biggest mackerel ever was a narrowbarred caught in Scottburgh, Natal , South Africa in 1982 by Michael Wilkinson. The fish weighed 99 lb (44.91 kg).

Bonus Round

Guess--what was the largest fish ever caught on rod and reel?

That would be a 3,427 pound, 17 foot long Great White Shark caught by Donnie Braddick and Frank Mundus on August 6, 1986 at Lake Montauk, a 900-acre embayment in Montauk, New York.,,,,, photos:,,,,



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